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 School: Shelton High School Shelton Washington United States
 School Website: http://www.sheltonschools.org
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We have an extra-curricular club that meets after school 1-2 days a week. We are currently building our first vehicle and will hopefully have two vehicles ready for competition this spring. One will be a front drive, front steering trike design. One will be a rear drive trike design with front steering.

We have several sponsors currently helping us with expenses, parts, and services. Some are sponsoring with cash donations, while other's are supplying parts such as materials for the body construction, batteries, wiring, meters, etc.

Our club promotes leadership skills, with club members responsible for the acquisition of sponsors, preparing and presenting to businesses and service clubs.

We are designing and building our own vehicles utilizing resources at the high school, such as the auto shop and wood shop programs.

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