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 School: alhambra alhambra California United States
 School Website: http://www.alhambra.k12.ca.us
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Alhambra High School has served the communities of Alhambra and Monterey Park with distinction. Graduates of Alhambra High School have excelled in the areas of math, science, athletics, business, the arts, and government service. In addition, thousands of Alhambra High School graduates have served their country with honor in military service.

Alhambra High School maintains the highest caliber administrative, teaching and support staff, dedicated to the mission of educating young people. Programs furthering this goal include the Model Technology School Program, the Bio-Medical Program, Academic Decathlon Team, Career Education Program, Title VII Program, National Forensic Competitions, Advancement via Individual Determinations (AVID), International Dance Competitions, International Foreign Language Student Travels, numerous and varied Advanced Placement Courses, Vocational and Practical Arts Education, and a comprehensive selection of opportunities for student involvement in athletics, clubs, student government, organizations, and services to the school and commu

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