Disney World To Host Electrathon 98

March 21 - EPCOT Center, Walt Disney World

The Florida Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition will sponsor the 1998 Electrathon electric vehicle (EV) competition at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center on March 21.

The three- and four-wheeled EVs built by students, private individuals and entrepreneurs will be on display inside Epcot on Saturday, March 21. Ribbons will be given to the winners in each class. The rally is intended to promote the skill and ingenuity of EV enthusiasts and provide a forum where their talents can be displayed, tested and compared.

In addition, Electrathon hopes to demonstrate the viability of electric transportation, and encourage students and engineers to realize the full-scale potential of EV design.

The rally will test the vehicles by driving them with limited electrical energy for as long as possible in a set time. Electrathon is open to EV tinkerers, hobbyists and experimenters of all ages. Contact Bill Young or Penny Hall at 407-638-1458 for more information. Contact: Kenneth Sheinkopf, Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), phone 407-638-1007, fax 407-638-1010, email: sheinkopf@fsec.ucf.edu